Musicians work past nerves in first concert of the year


Photo by Nayeli Lara

The concert included performances from the concert orchestra, chamber orchestra, cello choir, and the combined orchestra. Seniors Jeanna Brown and Vanessa Hasbun as well as sophomores Jack Gillespie and Avalon Smith preform as the cello choir.

By Nayeli Lara, Sports Editor

Senior musicians stood out at the fall orchestra concert on Oct. 15.

Being the first concert of the year, the musicians played and overcame their nervousness.

“Everybody was really excited. We had our nerves but we kept them under control and everything came out really nice and smooth. The end of the concert especially had a lot of energy and good tone and a good sense of spirit,” director Alexandra Wojciechowski said.

Seniors Arleth Segura and Allison Wagner had solos in “Concerto in G Major for Viola” and “Keystone” respectively.  Senior cellist Jeanna Brown conducted “The Tell-Tale Heart” for the combined orchestra.

“It was a really awesome experience especially since I want to go into music education,” Brown said. “I was very nervous, it was a little overwhelming. There were so many of them and that was the first time I conducted both orchestras together.”

In February, the orchestra will be going to Disney World with the choir to perform.

“Right now we’re wrapping up our cookie dough sales,” Wojciechowski said. “Then we’re going into cheesecake sales, poinsettia sales and some others.”

The next concert is on Dec. 14 at 7:30 p.m.