Music department prepares to go on a “magical” excursion


The WEGO band at one of the last basketball games.

By Sasha Baumgartner , Editor-in-Chief

On March 1, the West Chicago Community High School band, orchestra and choir will head to Disney World in Orlando, Florida for a trip that will be filled with performances and what the participants hope will be some “Disney magic”.

Throughout the year, the music department participated in a variety of fundraisers to prepare for this event. They sold Mrs. Field’s cookie dough at the start of the year, followed by the World’s Finest Chocolate and then Lou Malnati’s pizza coupons. The funds collected helped lower the price of the trip for students.

While at Disney, students’ days will be filled with a variety of activities, and they will have free time to explore the parks.

“Our days are pretty jam-packed. In addition to our performances, each group will be participating in a clinic called Soundtrack Sessions. They will sight-read, prepare and record a performance of selections of Disney music in a studio environment, just like a professional musician would,” said band director Marissa Janiszewski.