Prom 2023 location revealed


Then juniors Bella Wiehle and Ema Tomasevic, both part of Student Council, dance at Prom 2022. (Photo by Lifetouch; used with permission)

By Thania Villagran, Reporter

Seniors and juniors at West Chicago Community High School are eager to find more public information about spring 2023’s Prom, whether that is which venue Student Council ended up going for, a possible say in theme, or whether there is a playlist to satisfy the students’ likings in music. Although Prom is still several months away, Prom is a very important event for seniors, since it marks their last dance before graduation.

“Prom is such a staple in high school life, and we haven’t had much of that. So I think that Prom is something really special, and you want to make sure people are happy with it and happy with the results,” said Student Council President and senior Bella Wiehle. 

The mosh pit at Prom last year, which was held at the Field Museum. (Photo by Lifetouch; used with permission)

The Wildcat Chronicle posted a poll on Instagram last week, asking students where they wanted Prom to be hosted.  Forty-four percent of respondents were hoping for the Shedd Aquarium, also in Chicago, but conversations with Candace Fikis, adviser of Student Council, revealed that the 2015-2016 Prom was actually hosted at the Shedd after which the number of complaints the school received from students about the venue made it to a point where that location was not an option anymore.

“Some problems with the Shedd: number one is that it’s the most expensive venue, so tickets would have to be more. Number two, the dance area is pretty, but you can’t play the music loud or else it’ll disturb the fish. There also is a strict rule about keeping your shoes on because of the animals. And, there’s not one space where everyone can sit. You don’t feel the sense of togetherness,” said Fikis.

As such, Student Activity Director Marc Wolfe can confirm that this year’s Prom will be taking place at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago on April 21, 2023. WCCHS has used this venue previously (pre-pandemic), and it remains Fikis’ favorite out of all the other options. 

“The Field Museum was really pretty, we’ve been waiting to go there. Museum Science and Industry, I don’t know, it’s just different. They have a wonderful staff,” said Fikis.

A couple dances at Prom in April 2022. Many students are hoping for a change in music at Prom this year. (Photo by Lifetouch; used with permission)

Of course, the next question on students’ minds revolves around the Prom theme. According to Wiehle, students who are involved in Student Council throw ideas throughout the year, and then when the time comes, they vote by majority. Any student, however, can suggest a theme for Prom by reaching out to Wiehle. 

When it comes to big events like Prom, Student Council starts planning months in advance, and needs help from all members. 

“Planning a huge thing like Prom can’t just be one person’s job, it has to be everybody hands-on the same thing. Like Homecoming, for example, every den decorated a door, or how clubs decorate[d] a different part of the school. It’s definitely a collaboration between all of the students,” said Wiehle.

WCCHS students are eager to know what will be open for them to do at Prom, besides the food and the dance floor awaiting for them. Fikis said that there is a different variety of photo props to use to get nice pictures, but the museum itself offers a number of exhibits students can peruse, those being Numbers in Nature, a mirror maze, the Science Storms exhibit, the Pioneer Zephyr train, airplanes in the Take Flight exhibit, and more. 

For many students, the exhibits are not of importance, but the music and food are.

“I want to hear a better playlist at Prom,” said senior Dulce Carrasco.

“The pasta from last year’s Prom was good, with some alfredo chicken,” said senior Betzy Euroriles.