Laugh-inducing performance hits the stage this weekend


Photo by Mark Begovich

Juniors Alex Bradley and Michael Angeles during rehearsal.

By Edgar Oropeza, Reporter

WeGo Drama is holding a new play “The One-Act Play that Goes Wrong” in the school’s theater on November 11-12 at 7:00 p.m.

The One-Act Play that Goes Wrong” is a comedy centered around the idea of a play-inside-of-a-play. The show will focus on performers from the fictional Cornley Polytechnical Society, a group intent on performing a 1920s murder mystery, “The Murder at Haversham Manor”.

During the performance, however, things start to go wrong: props fall from the walls, cast members forget their lines, and one actor is even knocked unconscious. The audience is left wondering whether the cast and crew will be able to salvage the show.

Rehearsals have been in the works since October for the upcoming show. (Photo by Mark Begovich)

The relatively recent play was written by a trio out of the UK-based Mischief Theatre Company, and was awarded Best New Comedy at the 2015 Laurence Olivier Awards.

“[It] is probably one of the craziest shows out there, and definitely the craziest one we’ve done in the last fifteen years here at WEGO,” said WeGo Drama Director and English teacher Mark Begovich.

The cast has worked since late September to put the show together.

“This play is a demonstration of how hard actors will try to make things work,” said junior Baron Plumlee.

The play-within-a-play format, as well as the nature of the show, have made “The One-Act Play that Goes Wrong” a stand-out performance for WeGo Drama.

“This is probably one of the hardest shows they’ve ever had to work on. What they might think is a small contribution is actually a great contribution in making this play work,” said Begovich. 

The entire cast and crew behind “The One-Act Play that Goes Wrong”. (Photo by Mark Begovich)

However, plays such as this one are good for bringing the cast and crew together and to have fun, according to WeGo Drama junior Carolyn Fleming, who will play Annie, the play’s stage manager, in the performance. 

We get to hang out with friends, while also working very hard to make an amazing piece of art,” said Fleming.

Everyone is invited to attend. Tickets are on sale right now, and will be sold at the door the day of the show. They will be available for $5 students and $8 adults.

“We all need laughter in this world right now. We all get stressed out and need to enjoy ourselves,” said Begovich.

“This show is no exception. It’s humorous and exciting, it’s something you won’t want to miss,” said Fleming. 

WeGo Drama’s fall comedy “The One-Act Play that Goes Wrong” hits the stage this Friday.