Running gains popularity

Summer training and more members are making boys cross-country faster. Senior Bob Draughon runs at Wauconda Cross-Country Invitational.

By Nayeli Lara, Sports Editor

Improved attendance has lead to improved performance for the boys cross-country team.

“We’re doing really well, we got a couple of guys that are running really fast, and we’ve also really upped our numbers over the last three  years. When we started we had like four guys and now we have up to 27,” head coach Brian Puchalski said. “We’re just growing and growing and getting faster at the same time.”

Senior runner Rahul Prabhu believes spreading the word about the sport has contributed to more members.

“It’s a publicity thing, we started advertising cross-country and now more and more people are becoming aware of it,” Prabhu said.

Not only is the team larger, but more members have been putting in an effort to attend offseason training.

“We’re doing lots of stuff in the summer and finally getting guys to show up. I had like 90 percent of the team show up at the summer camp. They were doing anywhere from four miles to 12 miles a day, so really just getting that base amount of workout,” Puchalski said.

The increased training has had positive effects on the boys this season and has raised the expectations for the team.

“Our goal this year is to get people to sectionals,” Puchalski said.

The boys will have a chance to qualify for sectionals Oct. 24 during their home regional meet at Kress Creek Farm.

“Anybody is welcome,” Prabhu said.  “Anybody can come and support us.”