WEGO Global springs into action to help Afghan refugees


First meeting of the (2021-2022) school year.

By Sasha Baumgartner, Reporter

At West Chicago Community High School there are students busily working this month to help Afghan refugees in the inspiring club, WEGO Global. 

WEGO Global is an after-school club that meets weekly to discuss and work on topics going on around the world. This year, the club had 110 students show up to support and take part in the action with WEGO Global. The first big project on the agenda for WEGO Global this school year is to assist Afghan refugees who are being relocated to the Chicagoland area. WEGO Global is putting together vigorous goals to ensure they can make an impact and be as helpful as possible. 

“We basically have been trying to raise money and help refugees coming to the Chicago land area so they can have more security and all the resources they need,” said Mariana Acosta, a sophomore and WEGO Global member.


The club is partnering up with World Relief so their help can reach the refugees. World Relief is a non-governmental organization that works to provide resources such as savings, agriculture, nutrition and more so that communities and families have the ability to rise up from poverty. Parenting up with World Relief means WEGO Global has the means to assist in the settlement of the refugees from Afghanistan. Even if students are not in WEGO Global, they still have the opportunity to help out with this project. In order for WEGO Global to achieve their goal, they are looking to raise $700 through a school-wide fundraiser involving selling candy apples. All students and staff are welcomed and encouraged to be a part of the relief by giving donations to the club through the fundraiser. 

Social Studies teacher and WEGO Global sponsor Maggie Haas said, “Share out social media posts, buy a candy apple, make a donation…it takes all of us to help out others.” 

WEGO Global was originally started by some bold students and is still run by them. The club welcomes everyone to get involved. For new and old members, being part of the organization is a way to facilitate progress and make a difference, whether locally or halfway around the world. The club normally meets on Wednesdays after school in the Social Studies wing to discuss subjects. 

According to Ezra Werich, sophomore, “WEGO Global is a spectacular club that helps students be the change in the world they want to see.”

There are numerous ways for one to support WEGO Global and their project to welcome Afghanistan refugees. Any student is always welcome to join the club and donate their time or contribute in other ways, like participating in the group’s fundraisers. With students working together, WEGO Global can achieve their goals.

Sasha Baumgartner