Love and unity prevail with Biden presidential win


With the recount finished, Georgia and Michigan this week delivered blows to President Donald Trump’s efforts to undermine the election.

With that said, the presidential election finally came to an end with a victory for the Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

Sen. Kamala Harris will become the first woman elected to the office of vice president in U.S. history. Additionally, she’ll become the first woman of Black and Indian heritage to be in office. 

It was a tight race from the beginning and it was an event that could have favored either party at any minute.

When polls were beginning to close, Biden gained all the major blue states such as California, Illinois, and New York while Donald Trump won his usual red states.

The American people had hoped to flip key states such as Texas and Florida in Biden’s favor but, ultimately, those states kept their red color. 

At that point, that’s where election night was left off and the suspense continued for four more days.

It was impossible for many to sleep in peace knowing that their basic rights could be taken away with the re-election of Trump.

As the election continued, there were protests all over the country from both Biden and Trump supporters to make their voices heard.

Biden supporters were seen in major metropolitan cities and in the capitol expressing their dissatisfaction with Trump. Many, if not all, were non-violent protests.

Trump supporters, on the other hand, protested with no clear message at hand. Some protestors in Arizona chanted to continue the counting of ballots while in Pennsylvania they chanted to stop the counting of ballots.

Clearly all they wanted was their candidate to win even if it meant not following the principles of our democracy. The U.S. cannot stand if the people cannot follow its basic founding principles. 

Despite that, the election was a roller coaster ride as many states leaned Trump at the beginning and then switched to support Biden. 

Michigan and Wisconsin were leaning towards a Trump win but after time passed, began showing a lead for Biden. Eventually, Biden won those states who previously voted for Trump in 2016. 

Pennsylvania was another state that was leaning towards a Trump win but gave their electoral votes to Biden. Soon after, Georgia declared Biden as the winner of the presidential race.

Biden only needed one state to win the presidency while Trump had to win all the remaining states which included Nevada, Arizona, Alaska, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Georgia. 

According to NBC News, Trump has already set forth lawsuits in all of those key states to have a recount because he claims there has been foul play.

Many of these lawsuits have already been rejected by federal judges in their respective states. At this point, Trump is starting to lose his power as president. 

Whatever Trump decides to do next, it’ll have no impact on the results of the election because the American people have spoken. 

Hatred and disunity have no place in the land of the free; love and unity always end up prevailing.