Paid internship available for students interested in STEM career


Fermilab offers free paid internship TARGET for sophomores and juniors interested in STEM in summer 2020.

By Leslie Najera-Rivas, Editor in Chief

As a way to get students to work with experts, Fermilab is offering a paid summer internship TARGET in the summer of 2020. 

“TARGET exposes interns to new things that may or may not have had experience in. However, students must remember that is also technically a ‘job’ and so it’s a serious commitment,” Fermilab diversity and inclusion specialist Mario Lucero said. “We are professionals in engineering, computer science, mathematics, finance, communications, HTML, ecology, project controls, human resources (HR), business & technology and much more.”

Students will be exposed to work and gain hands-on experience in the free paid internship that originally started in 1979. 

“Students (sophomores and juniors) can apply (starting) Dec. 16. The application period closes on Jan. 31, so make sure to complete it over winter break if possible. You’ll need two letters of recommendation from your math and science teacher,” Lucero said. 

Lucero hopes that students can discover new passions and make new friends.

“I hope that it continues to grow and that West Chicago continues to be a part of it. Scientists from all over the world come to work at Fermilab and so I would encourage students to take advantage of their proximity to the laboratory,” Lucero said. 

Students are encouraged to participate in TARGET. 

“TARGET is a very competitive program and spots are limited. I would encourage students to take advantage,” Lucero said. 

For more information, students can visit the website