LRC calls students to bring their creative side with Dare to Scare


Photo by Leslie Najera-Rivas

Library media specialist Donna Leahy (left) presents Dare to Scare on Oct. 24. LRC clerk Donna Kubica designed the poster.

By Leslie Najera-Rivas, Editor in Chief

As a way to get the community together, the LRC and the Language Arts Department present Dare to Scare on Oct. 24.

“(It is a way) to encourage writing and to share our talents with future wildcats from Gary and Pioneer Elementary schools,” library media specialist Donna Leahy said. “Several teachers include Dare to Scare in their writing curriculum.”

Students are encouraged to participate in one or both contests. 

“All students are encouraged to write a story. One can be very scary (and) the other could be a positive message for future Wildcats,” Leahy said. 

Each story must be 500 words and original work. Winners will receive a $25 gift card. 

“There is also a $20 presenter award for the best author performance at the event.  Winners can choose gift cards from Starbucks, Barnes & Noble or Amazon,” Leahy said. 

Stories are due Friday and can be uploaded through the google form link 

Leahy hopes the best for the event. 

“My hope is that the event will be a magical morning for the 3rd graders visiting our high school and those participating in the event will have a positive experience,” Leahy said.

For questions, students can email Leahy.