Senior helps to make a change in the community


Senior Guadalupe Arriola holds Local Government Academy certificate and plans local government academy for Latino students that will occur from June 17 - 27.

By Leslie Najera-Rivas, News Editor

After being passionate to learn more about her community, senior Guadalupe Arriola was inspired to help the Local Government Academy for Latino students.

“The goal with this (community) event is to bring awareness to Latino students on how the city functions and to promote leadership, and the program provides those resources,” Arriola said. “Students (with the knowledge gained) can help plan events which will help the community, and inform more people.”

Arriola began learning how to help the community after volunteering at the community food pantry and attending an event at the academy.

“It inspired me to be more involved in making my community a place where people are more connected with the local law enforcement and actually appreciate all the hard work they put into (by) making our community a safe place,” Arriola said.

With the help of Adrian Marquez who is in charge of the event, Arriola and Marquez will teach students different ways to help people in the community.

The Local Academy Program will be Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from June 17 to June 27 from 1 p.m. – 3 p.m at  West Chicago City Hall.

Latino students must sign up on the West Chicago city website, complete the application before June 7, and be between ages 12-20.

Arriola encourages students to participate to learn more about the community and gain skills.

If students cannot attend the summer session, there will be a fall and winter sessions.

“Even though the program is called the Local Government Academy don’t let that discourage you from joining because it has different sessions and they are not only about the government but about other things such as the police (station), water treatment place, etc,” Arriola said.

Arriola plans on doing more sessions in the future.