Journalists win awards for excellence in journalism


By Leslie Najera-Rivas, News Editor

Wildcat Chronicle reporters won multiple awards from the Northern Illinois Scholastic Press Association (NISPA) for excellence in journalism.

Editor-in-chief Ariana Alcantar earned a blue ribbon for news writing and honorable mention for sports writing; news editor Leslie Najera-Rivas won an honorable mention for feature writing, and perspectives editor Isabela Casimiro won an honorable mention for editorial writing.

“I was surprised because we are such a short staff and given that fact, I tend to rush (my stories) so I think I do a poor job,” Casimiro said.

This is the first time that Najera-Rivas, Alcantar, and Casimiro have earned awards from NISPA.

“I didn’t think I would get any awards, but I submitted breaking news stories and I think that’s why I got it,” Alcantar said.

Najera-Rivas, Casimiro, and Alcantar send luck to the reporters for next year.

“I hope the best for the Chronicle’s team. It is a lot of work but it’s quality work (and) these awards show it,” Alcantar said.