School gives back to community through spring blood drive


Over 100 donations were made at the fall blood drive. Students can sign up for the spring blood drive on Friday.

By Leslie Najera-Rivas, Features Editor

To continue the blood drive tradition, Interact Club will host their spring blood drive on Friday from 7:55 a.m. – 2:05 p.m in the small gym.

Students that are 16 and 17 must get a permission slip signed by a guardian in order to make a donation.

“You can sign up ahead of time, stop by the college and career center (and) sign up that way or you can contact me through my email and I can put you on the signup list,” Interact Club adviser Gavin Engel said.

Blood drives started 15 years ago but Engel began helping out around eight years ago.

Staff members can also donate blood.

“Staff can just show up at the beginning of any period, and they will be moved to the front of the line to get them in and out as quickly as possible,” Engel said.

Beating a record of 153 donations is a goal for Engel for future blood drives.

“(I hope to break it) someday because I think that’s phenomenal for a one-day event when you’re only doing it for about six hours,” Engel said.

Students/staff will go through a process when arriving at the blood drive.

“They will meet with a nurse to go over everything, and then if they’re cleared to give blood they will be able to do so,” Engel said.

Vitalant, formerly known as LifeSource, will help out at the blood drive.

Engel encourages students and staff to donate blood.

“So many people, if they’re in a bad accident or have surgeries, need blood transfusions and often times there’s a blood supply shortage within the Chicagoland area so donating blood can save up to three lives,” Engel said. “You can know when you donate that your blood is serving a good cause for someone that desperately needs it.”

Blood drives occur twice a year, one in fall and in spring.