‘On Her Shoulders’ movie screening to bring awareness about the Yazidis

Information cards about the Yazidis will be distributed on Friday by WeGo Global members throughout the day. The white ribbon represents violence against women and support in spreading beliefs. From left, Sophomore Andrea Gutierrez, junior Ameena AlHammo, and sophomore Julia Nosky prepare the cards.

By Isabela Casimiro, Perspectives Editor

Hoping to bring awareness about the Yazidi genocide and the ISIS sexual enslavement, WeGo Global will screen the movie, “On Her Shoulders” Friday in the auditorium.

The movie screening is open to the community.

“It talks about this woman (Nadia Murad) from Iraq. It’s her story about how she escaped (from the ISIS),” executive board member Maria Giannoudakos said. “(Also) about what she’s doing now to try and help the rest of the people in her journey.”

WeGo Global member Ameena AlHammo presented the idea to the club because she is part of the Yazidi group.

“Last year, I talked to (adviser) Ms. Haas before talking to WeGo Global about the Yazidi people, she told me I should share the story with the club,” AlHammo said.

Although, AlHammo was nervous about sharing her story she received support from WeGo Global.

“They supported me a lot and encouraged me, and told me to share it with the whole group,” AlHammo said.

Concessions sold at the movie screening will be donated to an organization that helps the Yazidi people.

The club is overlapping elements including community, personal, and political that connect to “On Her Shoulders.”

“The movie speaks about what certain countries were doing and it wasn’t just about her story it’s like a global movement,” Liberio said.

The movie includes mature themes and is recommended for those over 13.

The screening is at 7 p.m.