Learn multiple languages through free learning app Duolingo


By Leslie Najera-Rivas, Reporter

Learning a language can be difficult but fun and sometimes schools don’t offer a foreign language a student may want to take.

Duolingo is a free language learning app to help you. It is available on both a computer on androids and ios.

Having an app where you can learn a language is helpful when necessary resources are not offered at schools or libraries.

Duolingo offers 31 languages including Chinese, Portuguese, and Korean which are not offered at many schools.

The app isn’t limited to English speakers, it lets anyone access the app in their native language.

Duolingo also includes Tinycards which are flashcards that can be made for people that want to study the language they are learning.

Overall, the app does a good job of teaching a language.

The app includes people that want to contribute adding translations or lessons for others to help learn a language.

Although the app is great, it does come with its disadvantages.

For example, with the Korean and Russian lessons, the app does not offer the specific language keyboard making it more difficult. It doesn’t give much of an option to type since the corresponding keyboard is not given aside from a daily lesson. Duolingo is open to everyone, and does a decent job on teaching basics and having reminders to practice at a specific time.