Long time golfer, Jason Gimre, takes one shot at a time


Photo by Nick Kempski

Senior Jason Gimre practices before a match.

By Ariana Alcantar , Multi-Media Editor

Jason Gimre has stepped onto the green for his last golf season.

Gimre has been playing for the team since he was a freshman and is now on the varsity team.

“I had never played golf competitively, I only played with my dad and grandpa occasionally. Freshman year rolled around and I decided to give it a chance and it has been a great experience,” Gimre said.

Gimre’s potential as a golfer was inspired after gaining a victory in a match.

“A couple highlights have been shooting my lowest round ever, 34. It came at a big moment, it was during a conference match against the defending champions of the conference,” Gimre said. “We ended up beating West Aurora and that became a turning point in my game. From there on I knew I could compete for a winning conference as an individual.”

As an athlete, time commitment is a large part for golfers.

“It is very difficult to balance school work and athletics. There are days where you can not start your studies until 9 at night, but that is the sacrifice you took to be on the team,” Gimre said.

Gimre hopes to inspire others to play to the best of their ability.

“A few words of advice for younger athletes would be to attend practice at all cost, athletic season isn’t a time to go on vacation. Also, be coachable and that will bring you the most success,” Gimre said.

Gimre takes his greatest challenge one shot at a time.

My greatest challenge as a golfer is being patient. It is always exciting to go play in a tournament, but golf is one shot at a time, and any bad shot can be fixed with your next shot. You can’t let the bad shots take hold of you,” he said.

Being a senior, Gimre does not know what his golf future holds for him.

“I plan on playing in college but that’s not an easy task, depending on how the end of the year goes can determine what I do after college,” he said.