Don’t let Valentine’s Day get you down


Photo by Mayeli Vivaldo

Valentine’s Day is not only exclusive for couple or lovebirds.

By Mayeli Vivaldo , Perspectives Editor

Love has a very complex definition.

According to science, love is a happy chemical party that occurs in our brains. It is the activation of various parts in our cerebrum as well.

But, according to others, this definition does not truly describe or define the feeling of love. Some might even say love has no definition. It is a feeling far too intense to put into words.

But, regardless of what definition is used or accepted, love is something quite unavoidable.

This statement becomes quite clear as the day adored by lovebirds and soulmates (but loathed by anyone else) comes near: Valentine’s Day.

If you are not lucky enough to be one of the head-over-heels couples, then you’re most likely the unfortunate, loathful person on Valentine’s Day.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many experience the same discomfort, frustration, and awkwardness caused by the loads of kissing and “intimacy” on that day.

But, although uncomfortable and strangely frustrated, you can still have the same wonderful and joyful experience as someone in love.

It all starts with acceptance.

You don’t have a Valentine this year. It sucks, but you just have to accept it and remember that you don’t need one to have fun.

Call your friend or, in times of need, a family member. That’s what I do.

Choose a random documentary or movie and eat loads of chocolate (since they’re most likely on sale at that point). Binge watch your favorite show or try watching a new show for a change.

But, if you really are not in the mood to watch anything, try something silly and new with your friend (or family member).

Go on Pinterest or on any site and look up “crafty ideas.”

Although they tend to end in failure, my friends and I enjoy attempting to be crafty and artsy. It’s fun and that’s exactly what you need. Don’t be bitter and angry because you can’t participate in the romantic activities on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is a holiday dedicated to celebrate love, but it’s not only exclusive to romantic love. Celebrate the love you have for your friend, your family, and your adorable pets. Be happy!

Don’t ruin your Valentine’s Day by being bitter and grumpy, but most importantly, don’t ruin someone else’s. It’s the one holiday couples and partners can display their love for one another, and as gross as that might be, let them be happy.

Happy Valentine’s Day.