The long history of Sam and Dean Winchester


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The new season of Supernatural comes out on Thursday on The CW.

By Mayeli Vivaldo, Perspectives Editor

Although “Supernatural” has a big fan base, there are still some who do not know what the show is about. The show deals with Dean and Sam Winchester, the two main characters that have a daunting past. Their mother was killed by a fire that was set by a supernatural being. Their father devotes his life to hunting down the supernatural, but his ultimate goal is to kill the creature that murdered his wife. The show follows the boys throughout many obstacles regarding the supernatural and themselves. For those unfamiliar with the show, here are a couple of brief summaries of each season.

Season 1: “Dad’s on a hunting trip” is how this season kicks off. Dean and Sam Winchester are introduced and their mission to find their missing-in-action father, John Winchester. The season also deals with Sam’s struggle regarding him wanting a normal life and avoiding the “family business.”

Season 2: The first heartbreaking season for the supernatural fans. After John sacrifices himself for his son, Dean, the brothers struggle to cope with their father’s death. Sam discovers he has psychic powers as well as ties with demons and dies for the first time (yes, for the first time). Oh, and Dean also sells his soul for the first time.

Season 3: Dean and Sam have two main goals throughout this season: Save Dean’s soul and stop the demon uprising. The brothers, ironically, are helped by a demon, Ruby, to stop the other demons. Sam slowly discovers the potential of his powers and Dean dies for the first time due to a very powerful demon named Lilith.

Season 4: After an angel named Castiel rescues Dean from the underworld, Sam, Dean, Bobby (a family friend), and Castiel set out to stop Lilith and her plan to uncover the seals that, if broken, will open the gates of hell. The demon that helped Sam and Dean reappears and tricks Sam. The consequences are devastating. Lucifer is freed.

Season 5: Biblical stories are reenacted throughout this season, mainly, the story of Lucifer and Michael the Archangel. Sam and Dean are to represent them. Sam would be Lucifer and Dean would be Michael. The boys, however, struggle to fight their fate. Sam must resist the devil’s temptation and Dean has to pick between saving his brother or saving the world. In a final battle, Sam sacrifices himself and throws himself into a pit that leads to the underworld, making the deaths for Sam one and a half.

Season 6: Although the brothers stopped the Apocalypse in the previous season, many problems emerge afterwards. Sam returns, but he truly isn’t himself and Dean sets out to try and figure out what is wrong with him while dealing with a very dangerous threat: Castiel.

Season 7: Castiel’s actions free an old class of monsters that are nearly impossible to kill. Sam, Dean, and Bobby make it their duty to find a way to bring these monsters down before they conquer the world. Unfortunately, the fight brings Bobby Singer to an end. Kind of. Kevin, another prophet of God, turns out to be essential to defeating the dangerous class of monsters. In a twisting turn of events, Dean ends up in purgatory, making his number of deaths around one and a half.  

Season 8: After years of fighting in purgatory, Dean finally escapes and reunites with Sam. Their goal is to close the gates of hell permanently and rid of all the monsters and demons on Earth. However, Castiel is tricked and causes a devastation in heaven.

Season 9:  In Dean’s desperation to save Sam, an angel possesses Sam’s body. The brothers, and the angel in Sam, set out to fix the mess that Castiel created. Metatron, the angel that tricked Castiel, becomes the enemy and the Mark of Cain is put on Dean, at first it is a blessing, but later on becomes a curse. Dean is murdered by Metatron, but hey, Dean comes back as a demon (Thanks, Crowley).

Season 10: Dean is cured of his demonic past, but the Mark of Cain continues to be a problem. The aftermath that Metatron left must be fixed. Castiel, Crowley, the king of hell, and Sam search for a solution for the Mark. Eventually they find a way to free Dean, but in exchange, a new evil is released.

Season 11: The brothers must deal with another evil they themselves set free. Darkness begins to take power, and the boys must act quickly to put an end to her before she gets any more powerful. Darkness isn’t the only problem. Lucifer returns.