Injuries leaves team struggling while remaining with positive attitude

By Hector Cervantes, Reporter

Injuries proved to be a setback for the girls tennis team as they faced South Elgin on Tuesday and lost 7-0.

“We didn’t do as well as I thought we would do, but that’s okay because they are still learning some strategies. I like to focus on how they are playing and as long as they improve in each match I will be satisfied,” head coach Zanobia Syed said.

Three players were injured so their matches did not run.

Some players did not play as well as they have in their past matches.

“I tried to keep the ball moving as much as possible. Overall, it wasn’t my best game, but I tried,” senior Gabriela Pasillas said.

Despite the injuries, other individuals stepped up.

“Our third doubles team which was Nicole (Coco, a junior) and Ashley (Resendiz, a junior) did a good job on being active. They were getting all of the balls over and Ashley had a really good service match. The two of them played a really good game, the best I have seen them two play,” Syed said.

The team feels more comfortable competing against East Aurora on Thursday which according to Syed is more their level.

“They are a good team. They need to keep things simple as possible and I like to tell them to keep your feet and eyes moving,” Syed said.

The team is preparing for their conference tournament on Oct. 7.