Actors battle monsters in upcoming show

Senior Kelsey Kenneally rehearses for the upcoming show “She Kills Monsters”. The show will be from Sept. 15-17.

By Hector Cervantes, Reporter

WeGo Drama will take the audience back to the 1990s with their show “She Kills Monsters” performed from Sept. 15-17.

“She Kills Monsters” is an action-fantasy play.

“We are looking at a young woman who is trying to understand her sister and her family. But, her sister has passed away and her sister left behind dungeons and dragon modules. So she plays the game to find out what her sister was thinking,” director Mark Begovich said.

The young woman is Agnes and she is played by junior Natalie Thompson while the sister, Tilly, is played by senior Megan Graal.

“Rehearsal has been going great.  We have been ahead of schedule every single time we have met for rehearsal. Everybody has their lines memorized and we just started adding lights and sound so it is looking really good,” senior actress Joy Vogt said.

A fight choreographer helped to make the play safer.

“‘She Kills Monsters’ is full of fantastic costumes and action fights so because we are battling monsters, students have had to learn a new physical trait. Our philosophy is safety first since it is still a play,” Begovich said.

Many cast members enjoy being their character.

“My character’s name is Farrah and she is a fairy. In her first inspection, she seems very nice and timid. But, don’t mess with her because she will kill you so fast,” Vogt said.

Begovich hopes that the audience thinks about the idea of tolerance and acceptance while watching the show.

“I think that the audience will get the message through the humor and action of the play,” Begovich said.

WeGo Drama’s theme for this year is “Live Adventures,” which fits in with “She Kills Monsters.”

“The theme is about how can we live our lives and have an adventure with it. But it is also performed live. So the theme can be taken in both ways. It is, however, the audience wants to take it,” Begovich said.

The show for Sept. 15 will be at 4:30 p.m. Also, Sept. 16 and 17  at 7 p.m.

Tickets are $5 for students and $8 for adults.