Fundraiser gets teachers pied in the face

Photo by Armando Lopez
Foreign Language teacher Susan Junkroski is pied in the face during Thursday’s school assembly as a result of Math team’s fundraiser. Junkroski also received the honor at the beginning of her career, now getting it again at the end.

By Armando, Lopez

After a Relay for Life fundraiser to select teachers to get pied in the face, five students pushed whipped cream pies into five teachers’ faces during Thursday’s assembly.

On the receiving end of the pies were biology teacher Brianne Ferreiro, physical education teacher Ted Monken, Spanish teacher Susan Junkroski, world geography teacher Mitch McKenna, and band instructor Steve Govertsen.

Math team arranged the fundraiser to raise money for Relay for Life, which takes place May 21. Students nominated teachers and voted for them for the first time online, adviser Charles Vokes said. Money was also placed in jars to nominate teachers.

The top five teachers were selected for the pie event at the assembly, senior Joshua Bowen said.

Math team hoped to double their goal for the fundraiser this year, but they did more than that.

“Last year we donated about $150 to the cause so this year I want to double it to $300,” Vokes said.

Math Team beat their goal with a total of $472.07 from donated money by students.

“It wasn’t too big of a deal (to get pied), I’m just glad I was able to help out a good cause. I know kids have a lot of fun donating money to see me get a pie in the face, so it was all worth it to help out a very worthy cause,”  Monken said.

Ferreiro is not new to the event. She was pied for the second time.

“It was all the way over my hair, in my ears, behind my ears, down my shirt, up my nose, and in my eyes. It wasn’t a pleasant experience but it was for a good cause. So it’s all good,” Ferreiro said.

Breast cancer survivor Junkroski explained at the assembly she was pied early in her teaching career, and thought it was appropriate to end her career with a pie in the face. She is retiring in May.

Most teachers are happy to participate in the event, Vokes said.  

“If they don’t want to do it then we’ll see, but for the most part all the teachers have been pretty open to being a part of it every year,” Vokes said.