Music group represents school at festival

By Catherine Miller, Reporter

After much preparation, jazz band gave a solid performance at the 39th annual North Shore Jazz Festival on Jan. 23 at Glenbrook High School.

“We actually played very well,” jazz band director Stephen Govertsen said. “There have been years when we have not played our best, and I felt like we put a really good foot forward representing West Chicago at this event.”

The band played in the competitive room of the jazz festival, and although they were up against many other schools in the area, they had a strong performance.

The band scored one division one rating and two division two ratings on a scale where one is the highest and three is the lowest score a band can get. Aside from competing, the band’s main goal was to improve.

“North Shore is kind of a competition,” sophomore band member Luke Madden said. “But we look at it as a way to get better.”

In addition to performing, the jazz band participated in other activities at the festival including attending a clinic from a professional musician and watching some of the school’s performances.

“A lot of us have friends from other schools that are in jazz band also, so it was pretty neat to see them perform,” Madden said.

The North Shore Jazz Festival was the first major performance for jazz band this year. The band also played at the school board meeting while board members were entering on Jan. 25.

Jazz band has a concert on Friday, and will be performing at Spring Fling later in the year.