Knowledge based activity focused on getting better and having fun

By Catherine Miller, Contributing Writer

The Scholastic Bowl team has seen both victory and defeat with a record of 3-3 after the first month of the season.

Scholastic Bowl is a team competition that involves answering questions mainly about math, science, English literature, and social studies. There are also fine arts and miscellaneous questions.

“For those who are unaware it’s kind of like team jeopardy but with buzzers, in academic subjects,” Scholastic Bowl coach Nick Caltagirone said.

Scholastic Bowl season began in the beginning of November.

“So far this season has been the best I’ve had since I joined sophomore year,” team captain and senior Bill Gill said.

The team has several goals for their season this year.

“We’d like to get better. We’d like to obviously be competitive in the Upstate 8 which so far we have been,” Caltagirone said. “And it might sound cliché but most importantly it should be fun.”

Senior Rahul Prabhu is already looking ahead to later in the season.

“I have high hopes that our team can make it to sectionals this year and maybe even state,” Prabhu said.

Although the season is underway, there are still opportunities to see what the club is about. Students need only contact Caltagirone if they are interested.  

We welcome any students who wish to see if they are interested, and practices are generally Wednesdays and Thursdays,” Prabhu said.

Scholastic Bowl’s next competition will be after winter break.