Collection drives in classrooms benefit our troops

Photo by Nayeli Lara
As part of the Veteran's Day celebration WeGo alum Alfredo Villa, currently serving in the Air Force recited the Pledge of Allegiance. Villa will be stationed in Germany for two years when he returns to the Air Force.

By Nayeli Lara, Sports Editor

Donation drives occurring this week in social studies classrooms will benefit soldiers through Operation Support Our Troops-America.

OSOT America is a nonprofit organization that sends supplies to veterans and soldiers. The donations this week are a continuation of the donations at the last home football game on Oct. 23 when the community was involved in donating.

“For care packages we collect the items, we bring it to them, and they have a list that they maintain of soldiers serving overseas and they package it up and send it to them,” humanities department chair Lisa Willuweit said.

The supplies most needed include canned fruit, canned tuna, and mouthwash in nonglass containers less than 16.0 oz. The full list of supplies can be found at

All supplies sent in by students to OSOT America will go directly to troops overseas.

“They’re rated very highly, there’s charity rankings, and they have a high ranking. They’re easy to work with and everything we’re collecting is going where they’re saying it’s going to go,” Willuweit said.

While the individual soldier receiving the item will not be known, students can still send care packages to friends or family who are serving.

“If anyone has names of family or friends, if you get those names to the organization they will include them on their list,” Willuweit said. “They don’t advertise the names they are sending it to, like how they don’t advertise the names of those donating.”

As well as the donations happening this week, special celebrations will be held on Nov. 11.

Alfredo Villa, a WeGo alum currently serving in the Air Force, will say the pledge in the morning. Student volunteers will also be lining the entrance to the school with flags, similar to last year. During lunch hours, students will also have an opportunity to contact soldiers.

“There will be be two options. You can either write what they call ‘letters of encouragement’ to someone serving overseas to be included in the care packages, or you’ll have an option to write thank you notes to veterans which will be taken to the VFW,” Willuweit said.