Squad continues to bring enthusiasm to competitions


Photo by Nayeli Lara

The squad continues to bring enthusiasm to school sporting events with new leaders and the return of old traditions.

By Hector Cervantes, Perspectives Editor

With football season in full swing the squad brings enthusiasm to football games and other athletic competitions.

Seniors Grace Kelly and Ronni Katarzynski lead the squad.

“I am going to try and get everyone involved. I want to keep things interesting so more people start coming out to events to support our team,” Katarzynski said.

Katarzynski wants every student to participate in the squad.

“Having the squad makes the school year fun and gets everyone involved without having to do very much,” Katarzynski said.

Sophomore Mike Sawicki is proud to be a part of the squad.

“There are a lot of cool things about it. There are lots of people coming together going out for the different sport teams,” Sawicki said. “I hope that the squad is able to make an impact for the Wildcats, hope that we support them enough.”

Squad themes such as white out, neon night and patriotic night have been part of the squad each year.

However, Katarzynski wants to bring new themes as well and bring different props to the table.

The squad added toga night at an away football game versus East Aurora on Sept 18.

Another aspect beside the themed nights is the poster. The squad kept the same slogan as last year.

“We have a poster that Fallon Itrich made that says ‘we run this’. We wanted to have the same type of poster (as last year) because we thought it got everyone pumped,” Katarzynski said.

In addition, this is the second year in which freshmen can join the squad. Before, freshmen were not allowed to be part of the squad.

“I like how freshmen can be a part of the squad because it will allow the next year’s freshmen class to be involved due to the fact that this year’s was. The more people the better,” Katarzynski said.

Katarzynski is optimistic this year and is glad to lead the squad.