Changes in school cellphone policy benefits students, teachers


Photo by Nayeli Lara

Now allowed to use their cell phones during certain times on school grounds, students take advantage of their new privilege.

Having cellphones in the classroom with a teacher’s permission is a new rule for the school year, brings many benefits to the students.

Before this year, cell phones were not permitted anywhere in the building during school hours. Now, it is up to the teachers to decide if they want to permit cell phones in the classroom.

Additionally, cell phones can now be permitted during passing periods and during all lunch hours.

With cell phones now allowed in free time, it gives students the independence needed as young adults.

In a way, it gives the students a chance to feel like they are not watched and treated like a child when it is their free time.

The new rules for cell phones also make for a good change because it gives teachers the freedom to control what goes on in their classroom.

Having a cellphone in a math or science class is helpful because if a student forgets a calculator, the student can use their phone if the teacher permits the use.

Cells can also serve as an assignment notebook when a student forgets theirs and are a useful way to keep in contact with parents. For example, if a club or practice is cancelled, then the student can use their phones to call for a ride.

With the cell phone policy changed, it serves as a great tool for school and gives the students the desired independence they want.

Students just need to follow the rules to prove the school made the right decision in trusting the kids.