Morgan Wallen’s second record-breaking album, “One Thing at a Time,” is a must-listen


Morgan Wallen’s “One Thing at a Time” album cover. (Photo courtesy of Morgan Wallen’s official website)

By Miley Pegg, Social Media Manager

Morgan Wallen does not have much time on his hands after dropping his second record breaking album “One Thing at a Time” on March 3, at midnight, and announcing international tour dates in 2023 as well. 

Prior to the album, Wallen released two teasers, the “3 Songs at a Time Sampler”, and “One Thing at a Time (sampler)”. The “3 Songs at a Time Sampler” was released on January 21 with the songs “Last Night”, “Everything I Love”, and “I Wrote the Book”. “One Thing at a Time (sampler)” came out earlier, on December 2, 2022, and featured tracks such as “One Thing at A Time”, “Days End in Why”, and “Tennessee Fan”. These six songs contributed to the jaw-dropping 36 tracks on Wallen’s album, along with past singles like “You Proof”, “Don’t Think Jesus”, and “Thought You Should Know”. 

Morgan Wallen at Bristol, Tennessee during Country Thunder (Royalty-free photo by Andrew Wendowsky via Wikimedia Commons).

Country music may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but this album offers a little bit of all genres. Wallen’s pop-bro-country music style can intrigue all types of music fiends. 

Country music got way too many songs about heartbreaking and not nearly enough about making your cheeks clap in the club,” Caleb Pressley said to Wallen during a “Sundae Conversation” centered around their absurd opinions on country music as a genre.

And so, Wallen’s album offers something for everyone, and will most definitely have fans dancing in the club.

Those who are baseball fans will enjoy track 7: “’98 Braves” is a song about the Atlanta Braves losing the 1998 World Series after a 106-winning streak all season. This game changed baseball fans forever: as Padre fans moved on, Braves fans still think about the nine-inning game. This track has such a deeper meaning to it – one that will resonate to older listeners. The wholeheartedness that Wallen puts into the lyrics – and the catchy beat behind them – makes it a classic summer song. 

Track 36, “Dying Man” is a song Wallen dedicated to his son, Indy. Although the song seems to revolve around a woman, Wallen has alluded to the fact that the song may actually be about his own struggles. After a few hard years battling addiction to alcohol and drugs, the country singer almost lost his life.

“There have been more than a handful of a couple times where I prolly should’ve died,” Wallen said in an interview with The Nash News.

Wallen checked himself into rehab in 2021, and has been sober since. Perhaps it is that journey Wallen hints at throughout the album.

“I never believed in angels, until one believed in me that night” Wallen said in the pre-chorus of track 35, “Outlook.”

Wallen’s relationship with his son is admirable, and what some dads strive for: “Dying Man” speaks to listeners who have struggled in the past, and who still may be overcoming challenges in every way. It is the sort of track that pulls at listeners’ heartstrings. 

Morgan Wallen

However, the entire album does not center around just one area of focus. “One Thing at a Time”, which really tackles many subjects at a time, is the culmination of two years of growth and discovery. At one point, Wallen expresses his love for Eric Church and how much it means to him to have Church featured on track 4, “Man Made a Bar.” Church had a huge influence on Wallen and his music career; according to Wallen, his biggest role model became his best friend and brother

While the song itself is genuinely beautiful, it is even more noteworthy that Wallen and Church have amazing chemistry together – chemistry that is quite literally written into the song. The harmonization between the two singers makes the song all the more worthwhile listening to. 

Overall, Wallen and his music have had such a big impact on baseball fans, fans struggling, and country music listeners in general. The songs all have their own meaning, but these are the ones that stick out, and will leave a lasting impact on listeners. 

In the past, Wallen has performed on his own tours and concerts, like Country Thunder. This year, he is internationally performing with HARDY, Parker McCollum, Ernest, and Bailey Zimmerman on his “One Thing at a Time” World Tour.