Technology replaces school tradition


Photo by Nayeli Lara

Athlete pictures are gone, but not forgotten from the athletic hallways. While the old frames were taken down and boxed up, newly framed pictures of select athletes will be placed on the walls to create a more organized effect.

The walls are empty in the athletic hallways after team pictures came down at the end of last year, however the pictures will not stay down forever.

Superintendent Doug Domeracki, Principal Moses Cheng, and athletic director Doug Mullaney are the ones who decided to take down the pictures.

The reason behind the change is to clean up the hallways and make the school look better.

“We want to give it a different look. In the past it was all just lined up and it looks better if they’re all grouped together,” Cheng said.

Changes over time caused some of the pictures to look out of place. There was no uniform frame, nameplate, or title on the pictures.

“If you look at all the pictures that have been put up since the 1970s, all the frames, different sizes, different colors, it was kind of sloppy,” Mullaney said.

When the pictures go back up, they will all have the same frame as each other and an information card.  

Previously, all high achieving athletes were displayed in the athletic hallways. The plan now is to only showcase pictures five or six years at a time to more efficiently display top athletes during their school years.

The old frames are being donated to Club Green for recycling.  

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Technology will also play a key role in the new setup. All pictures will be scanned and displayed electronically.

While the exact method is not yet decided, TVs and slideshows will be used to make sure every athlete is showcased. “It’s going to take some of those athletes that were down in little sections of the hallway, up in the top, near the ceiling, and put them in the forefront,” Mullaney said. “We are going to see them more than we did before.”

As well as replacing the frames for pictures, many plaques were also replaced.

“The statues on some of the plaques were broken. We sent those in to be repaired,” Mullaney said.

Not everyone is pleased about the removal of the old All-Conference pictures. Senior Katie Reitz, who had her sophomore soccer All-Conference picture up previously, sees it as a break in tradition.

“I remember being little and walking into schools and seeing all their pictures up. It was cool seeing all of them,” said Reitz.

Junior Natalie Nelson, who qualified for the state swim meet, will go back on the wall, but thinks the new plan is not properly awarding athletes who worked hard to get on the wall.

“I’m mad about that,” Nelson said. “That’s all I wanted, to see myself up on the wall.”

Senior Anna Nolazco’s older brother Anthony was previously up on the wall and his picture will not go back up.

“Everyone in the past that has received an award and put the effort in should be up,” Nolazco said. “We can look back on them and grow from them.”

Mullaney encourages any students with questions or concerns about the new display system to come speak to him.